Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Senstand - invention that musicians did not know they were waiting for.

Viens pamatīgs projekts.
Ideja 12 gadus ir izstrādāta Argentīnā, bet nu dažādu sakritību rezultātā es esmu viens no projekta dalībniekiem. Tā teikt - galva Argentīnā - rokas Latvijā.
Stundu stundas pie datora, failu optimizēšanas un konvertēšanas lai CNC to visu varētu ''sagremot''
Tad pirmie testi. Pirmie taustāmie prototipi. Ducis materiālu veidu lai atrastu piemērotāko. Gada laikā ieviesās paliela skaidrībā, kā tās lietas darāmas. Un te nu tas ir!! Projekts ir ''palaists gaisā''  Kickstarterī.
Multifunkcionāls mūzikas instrumentu statīvs. Un ne tikai. Trīs dažādi augstumi, nošu turētājs ar maināmu leņķi, piederumu plauktiņš, planšetdatora vai grāmatas turētājs, portatīvā datora galdiņš, dzēriena trauka turētājs, var novietot līdz 3 ģitārām, mikrofona statīvs, LED apgaismojums... Un to visu var salikt vienā nelielā pleca somā! Tiešām nelielā!


Zemāk preses relīze.

Every day while browsing our social media and news feeds we have occasion to be surprised by some fantastic invention
that improves people’s lives and we are left questioning “Now why didn’t I think of that?” or “I can’t believe it took so long!”
Senstand is an example of one of these inventions that amazes us with its obviousness. It is a multifunction
music stand that
can be used from many positions. You can use it standing, sitting, set low leaving a clear line of sight to your audience or
even on a table top.
If that was all it would not be much of a story. Senstand is a music stand: it also holds up to three instruments, it’s a desk or
small table, it has a shelf for accessories (tuners, phones,
etc.), an iPad/tablet holder, a cup/bottle holder, an ingenious microphone arm and an adjustable LED lamp. And still that is
not the whole tale: all of the above fits in the space of a single music stand, weighs less than 8 lbs. (3.5 kg), and fits into a
custom shoulder bag whose strap doubles as a guitar strap. If a friend told you about this in a bar you would think this is just
another tall tale: it is, in fact, real.
Senstand is more than an ingenious combination of utility: it is beautiful. It is designed to be a showpiece. It can stand alone
and be attractive. Its aesthetic appeal is a stark reminder that traditional music stands have not changed from their utilitarian
roots in at least half a century.
It saves time, effort and space. In a way it is like a “Swiss Army Knife” for musicians: it’s multifunction,
lightweight and
portable, with many individual or simultaneous uses. Senstand is made from ecologically friendly materials using the latest
German machining technology with detail and finish work done manually by european artisans coming from a millennia old
tradition of woodcraft.
When you see how concepts like portability, miniaturization, multifunctionality,
and expandability have affected our world in
things like smartphones, computers, multitools and swiss army knives and then look at how Senstand incorporates all of
these ideals in a beautiful, useful design, you will understand the inventor’s sentiment that Senstand will take its rightful place
in the market and become a new standard for musicians worldwide relegating those old stands to museums or dusty
basements to be forgotten.
Senstand is the invention that musicians did not know they were waiting for.

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